10 Common Signs a Coworker Likes You but Is Hiding It

Are you wondering if a coworker likes you but is hiding it? You probably have a colleague who appears to be checking you out, but you don’t want to assume anything. If you’re interested in knowing whether your coworker is attracted to you, there are several ways to determine this.

Keep reading to discover the common signs that your colleague might have a hidden crush on you:

Unusual Interest In You

1. Always Finds An Excuse to Strike A Conversation

This is often the most obvious sign someone likes someone else at work. It may not always mean they fancy or are attracted to you, but it’s a strong signal that they like you. If you’re new in the office, you can expect a bit of buzz while people get to know you. If a certain someone continues to find any excuse to talk to you, investigate further!

2. Wants To Be Near You All The Time

If a colleague is interested in you, they might casually sit in the chair next to yours during meetings without appearing too eager. Alternatively, they may take a detour by your desk. If they actively seek ways to be near you, it could be a sign that they have a crush on you.

3. Updated About Your Life

If your coworker has feelings for you, they tend to stay well-informed about your life. They may be knowledgeable about your Instagram updates or aware of the tasks you’re currently handling, demonstrating a constant curiosity. This could imply that they have covertly been observing your social media presence, or they are genuinely attentive to your anecdotes and words.

4. Talks To You About Random Things Unrelated To Work

Creating a powerful bond with someone can be challenging if the only topic of conversation is work-related. This is an indicator that a colleague may have romantic feelings toward you. To be seen as more than just a co-worker, they may initiate discussions on various topics in the hope of finding shared interests to establish a deeper connection.

5. Hangs Out With You In Social Events

If a coworker has a subtle attraction towards you, one of the most evident indications would be their efforts to spend time with you. This can be seen when they confirm your attendance at work-related events and eagerly await your arrival. Their attention will solely be on you. Also, they may try to initiate conversations or make excuses to interact with you. Watch for such behaviors as they could indicate that your coworker is interested in you.

6. Curious About Your Dating Status

Is your colleague always curious about your romantic life? This behavior could be attributed to their nosiness or romantic interest in you. They may be attempting to figure out if you are currently dating someone or open to the idea of dating in the future.

Unusual Behaviors

7. Acts Awkwardly Around You

One of the most endearing signs that a colleague has developed feelings for you is when they become flustered or uncomfortable in your company. This may be evident through stuttering, restlessness, or face reddening.

8. Obvious Body Language

When trying to find out whether a coworker has developed romantic feelings for you, the importance of body language cannot be overstated. Your own body language can reveal whether you reciprocate those feelings, and the same applies to your coworker. By paying attention to their behavior, such as hugging or lingering, placing their hand on your shoulder while helping you, and making eye contact, you can determine if they have a romantic interest in you.

9. Caught Looking At You Several Times

While staring is generally considered impolite, taking a quick peek or daydreaming about someone you like can be charming. The distinction between the two is subtle but significant. If a colleague keeps looking at you, it could positively indicate their affection for you. It demonstrates that they find you attractive and wish to appreciate your appearance.

10. Messages You Outside Work

If a colleague texts you after work hours, it could suggest they’re really into you. Additionally, if they provide an unsolicited reason for not texting you for some time, such as saying, “Sorry for being unavailable, I had dinner with my mom,” it may indicate his interest in you. Ask your colleagues if that person also sends them messages, as some like to text frequently.

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