Does Home Depot Accept Samsung Pay?

Home Depot is an American multinational home improvement store. You can buy construction products, tools, and appliances from this corporation. Being one of the largest home improvement retail stores in the United States, I am sure you’re one of Home Depot’s customers. Contactless payments are growing in popularity and shoppers with their favorite stores will accept it as a payment method. Find out if Home Depot accepts Samsung Pay today. 

Does Home Depot accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, Home Depot accepts Samsung Pay. Though the store does not accept contactless payment methods, Samsung Pay can be used without NFC hence the possibility of using it as a payment method at Home Depot. To use Samsung Pay at Home Depot, you must switch to MST settings on your phone or Samsung Watch.

While you might not be able to use contactless payment methods at Home Depot, there are other payment methods available at the store which I’ll show you as we proceed, also I’ll be showing you how to use Samsung Pay when you shop at Home Depot.

Home Depot Payment Methods

Home Depot accepts other payment methods aside from Samsung Pay. If you don’t have access to Samsung Pay, you can always choose from the list below to make your purchase at Home Depot: 

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Quadpay
  • Home Depot Credit Card
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • Klarna

How to use Samsung Pay at Home Depot

Samsung Pay is a seamless contactless payment method that allows users to store their cards within the app. The app uses your preferred security features to authorize in-store payments when you make a purchase.

One reason you can use Samsung Pay at Home Depot is that it doesn’t rely on near-field communication for the functionality of contactless payment. Instead, Samsung Pay registers the transaction information through a scanner feature, it then processes your payment securely within the app.

Are you ready to make a payment using Samsung Pay at Home Depot? Great! Here’s how to do it:

  • First, make sure you have the Samsung Pay app downloaded on your compatible device (Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9+, etc.).
  • Set up your account and add at least one payment method, like a debit or credit card (you can add more than one if you’d like).
  • Open the app and press the ‘Pay’ tab.
  • Select your preferred payment method and tap ‘Pay’ again.
  • Choose your preferred security option (fingerprint or PIN).
  • Follow the security prompts.
  • Finally, scan the contactless QR code at the Home Depot register to complete your payment. 

It’s as easy as that! Happy shopping.

Does Home Depot accept PayPal?

Yes, Home Depot accepts PayPal. With a partnership deal with PayPal, Home Depot accepts mobile payment as a means of making payments at the store. Once you have the app set up on your phone, you can make payment using PayPal online on Home or in-store.

Does Home Depot accept checks?

Yes, Home Depot accepts checks. You can make payment at Home Depot using your checks or business checks, however, at checkout, all checks must be verified with a photo ID. To use checks, fill in the correct details, and provide a valid phone number and you’re good to go. Third-party checks are not accepted.

Does Home Depot accept EBT?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept EBT for making payments. Though the store sells a small amount of SNAP-approved items like seeds and plants it still doesn’t accept EBT. Additionally, stores that do not have regular food inventory or sales are not eligible for SNAP authorization.

Does Home Depot take Venmo?

No, Home Depot does not accept Venmo directly. While you might not be able to use Venmo directly, Venmo debit and credit cards can be used in making payments at Home Depot.


Does Home Depot accept mobile pay?

Yes, Home Depot accepts mobile pay. The retail store accepts the use of PayPal as a payment method. If you’re looking to use mobile pay at Home Depot, then the use of PayPal is your available option.

Does Home Depot take wireless payments?

The use of NFC-based payment service has not been adopted by the home improvement retail corporation. However, shoppers can use Samsung Pay as this digital wallet does not rely entirely on NFC for making payments. When you’re ready to pay, turn off NFC on your phone to enable MST for payment.

Does Home Depot take Google Pay?

No, Home Depot does not take Google pay. Google pay and other related payment options are not accepted at the store. Instead of Google pay, you can use PayPal as this payment method is accepted at Home Depot.

What cards are accepted at Home Depot?

Visa debit cards, visa credit cards, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and Home Depot credit cards are all accepted cards at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot take PayPal pay in 4?

Yes, Home Depot takes PayPal pay in 4. PayPal pay in 4 allows you to make payments in installments; you get to share your payment in four equal parts and make payments at intervals. Once you’re ready to make payment at checkout, select PayPal as your payment option and then choose “pay later”.

How can I pay Home Depot?

Home depot credit card payment can be made online or over the phone: (866) 875-5488. You can also pay through the mobile app, at a branch, or by mail.

What is Home Depot’s instant checkout?

With instant checkout, once an order is placed, your order will be automatically charged to the set payment method and you get your order delivered to the address on your instant checkout setting. Instant checkout orders can be edited or canceled within 45 minutes of placing such an order.

Final thought on does Home Depot accept Samsung Pay

Even though Samsung Pay uses the NFC service, it does not rely totally on NFC for payment making it an accepted payment method at Home Depot since the store does not accept NFC payment methods. Samsung Pay also uses the MST which you can enable to make payments at the store. Aside from the use of Samsung pay, shoppers can use other payment methods listed in this article when shopping at Home Depot. Enjoy your shopping pals.

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